The Swallow

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

*A new genre co-written by Jordan Marie & Jenika Snow under the pen name, Marie Snow.

Sometimes you have to embrace the darkness to find the light.

There was a time when Michelle Landry thought she had the perfect life. Happiness, love, they were all in her grasp. But then loss and despair had her waking up and realizing the only thing she was guaranteed in life was a broken heart.

The city of Stillwake is the chance for a new beginning. With her problems behind her and a fresh start in front of her, Michelle feels like she has purpose again… like she can be happy once more.

Like she can love.

But Stillwake has its own evils lurking and its surrounding Michelle. With a string of serial killings making headlines, Michelle feels her tentatively healed world crashing around her.

She starts to wonder if maybe that darkness is coming back, threatening to pull her down further. She either has to fight for the surface, or just accept her life and let it take her under.

*blurb not final/unedited

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