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Cherry Falls

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I wanted to see how far he’d go… with me.

I’d just moved back home after graduating college and my failed attempt at city life. The latter wasn’t for me, not with the crush of people and lack of grace and fresh air.

I was a country girl at heart, and so I went back to the place that would always be my home.
Cherry Falls.

But life in the small, picturesque town wasn’t as I remembered. Things were growing, businesses flourishing. Residents were getting married and starting families.

And with my childhood home sold and my father moving to the mountains and all but becoming a recluse, I had to come up with a solution fast on what I planned on doing with my life.

I should have planned my homecoming better, but now I was searching for a job and a place to stay. Luck was on my side when I found an ad in the paper for a roommate in need.

But it seemed fate had a funny way of throwing a wrench in my life as I met my would-be roomie. This had to be fate’s way of throwing me some charity.

Tristan Black. Cherry Falls’ resident bad boy… and the one person I’d always wanted.

He was a decade older, rough around the edges, covered in tattoos, and so muscular I couldn’t help but feel like he’d snap me in half… in the best of ways.

I sure as hell wanted to be bent like his personal pretzel.

But could I really be his roommate? My libido wouldn’t survive, but I was up for the challenge.

Because what’s the worst that could happen? Finding myself in Tristan’s bed?

Note: A total standalone in the Cherry Falls series.

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