One Her Knees

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Karina had never considered herself one of the svelte, beautiful women that could capture a man’s attention, especially not the one man she’s lusted after for far too long.

Viktor Port was many things: arrogant, demanding, and wealthy. But he was also her boss, and she knew there would never be anything between them. There never could be. It was wrong. Forbidden. Against the rules.

Viktor had to be ruthless when it came to getting what he wanted. And he’d never had to try to get a woman—until Karina. She was intent on pushing him away, on denying the intense chemistry that was tangible between them.

And he wasn’t ashamed to admit that for the last year he’d become obsessed with her. Her timid and naturally submissive demeanor made him hard and had him fantasizing about her on her knees as she gave him the control willingly.

He knew he couldn’t ignore what he felt. He wasn’t about to even try.

Viktor had to have her, and one night wouldn’t be enough.

Note: This book was previously published under the same title. Although it has been re-covered, re-edited, and parts minimally tweaked, the story itself is the same. This is not considered a safe read.

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