Tattooed Sweetheart

Sweetheart, Colorado

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

I’d always been a loner, the label of “bad boy” always following me around because I was tattooed and pierced—although, it wasn’t like anyone ever saw my piercing.
People saw me as some kind of delinquent, when I was anything but, and they were too afraid or wary to try to get to know me.
And as the years went on, I accepted that was my reality… until I had enough.
So, with nothing else to lose, no family or friends, I decided to make a change. I packed up, moved to the Colorado mountain town of Sweetheart, and started my own business as a tattoo artist.
Seemed like the perfect distraction, the ideal way to reinvent myself.
And it was working out for the last three years.
I’d been content with what I had and never wanted more than that. That was until I saw her, and I realized exactly what I’d been missing in my life.
Because she wasn’t in it.
Flora Harrison, owner of the brand-new coffee shop that opened up right across from my tattoo parlor, was everything I didn’t know I needed in my life.
And I couldn’t stop from inserting myself into hers until there was no doubt that I was meant to be there.
That she was meant to be mine.
If nothing else, I was persistent, and no one and nothing would dissuade me from claiming the woman of my dreams.
Not even her.

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