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Corbin knew he was good-looking, and he had the arrogance to back it up. But the one woman he wanted, the one he’d known for the past decade, was untouchable, forbidden… his sister’s friend. And it was for that reason he’d always resisted admitting his desire for her.

Until he couldn’t resist Izabella anymore.

Izabella had known Corbin for so long that she’d always seen him as a constant in her life. He had the looks and cockiness to get any woman he wanted. But she’d never considered trying to catch Corbin’s attention.

She saw herself as plain and average and certainly not someone Corbin would be interested in. And it was because of those thoughts that she’d put any kind of attraction toward Corbin firmly in the back of her mind.

But when she’s stranded at a bar, she found herself seeking out Corbin’s help.

Maybe it was the liquid courage. Maybe it was the fact Corbin was looking at her like he was starved to touch her. Maybe she was tired of denying herself. But Izabella decided she wouldn’t stop herself from crossing the line between right and wrong… to be with him.

The only problem was what would happen once morning came?

Reader Note: This story was previously published under the same name. Although it’s been recovered, reedited, and minor plot points tweaked, the story itself is exactly the same. This is not considered a safe read.

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