Falling for Trouble

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She loved him, but they could never be more than friends.

Sophia Kidd and Abe Rochester had been best friends since they were children. With both of their pasts scarred, the only people they could rely on were each other. And so an unbreakable bond was formed, one that tied their lives together, but never in the way she wanted.

Known as “Trouble” in town, Abe wasn’t the  guy a girl brought home to meet her parents. He indulged in all the bad things life offered.

But she loved him.

She was in love with him. And the heart wanted what the heart couldn’t have. And so she kept things strictly on the friend level.

But when  a night of partying and tossing back drinks had the world blurring together, she found herself in Abe’s bed. 

What should have been an explosive morning after, both of them finally expressing their feelings for the other, turned out to be a nightmare.

Abe had no recollection of the night they just shared.

Humiliation was just the tip of the iceberg, and it didn’t matter how fast or far she ran; Sophia couldn’t escape fate.

And what fate gave her was Abe’s baby.

How could things work out when Abe didn’t even remember sleeping with her?

Reader note: This  was previously published under the same title. It has been re-edited and revised. It may contain subject matter sensitive to some readers.

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