Say My Name

From USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow comes a gritty mafia romance where the villain blurs the lines between right and wrong…and love and hate.

She came to me looking for salvation.

She came to me looking to save a family that didn’t even want her.

But I didn’t want money. I didn’t want her father’s and brother’s debt paid off in blood.

My obsession went far deeper than anything I’d ever experienced.

It was fast and hot, an inferno that leveled everything around me like a trigger being pulled.

I sent her away, humiliated her, made her think I wanted nothing from her.

That was the biggest lie I’d ever told. Because what I wanted was everything from her.

I was the villain. The bad guy. And she’d be mine.


Content: Praise / Degradation / Graphic sex scenes / age-gap (15 years) / Power play dynamics / kidnapping / biting / marking / hand necklaces / On Page Violence / gore/ torture / murder / Anal / Somnophilia / light spit play / virgin heroine

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