The Recluse

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They said I was crazy for taking a job for a recluse billionaire in the middle of nowhere.
I said it was a reprieve from the world and myself.

Cooking and cleaning for Finland “Fin” Hawthorne at his secluded estate situated on a hundred acres seemed like just the recharge I needed. No interaction with society, the vast wilderness as my backyard, and the likelihood of having to actually socialize with my new employer was slim to none.

That sounded like the perfect escape to me.
He said he liked his space, his privacy. He told me he hoped I liked being alone the majority of the time. Fine by me.

And then I meet Fin face-to-face. He’s rough around the edges, callous, and aloof, not to mention he’s a gorgeous towering behemoth of a man. And one look at him had me imagining being thrown over his shoulder as he took me to his room and devoured me.

I shouldn’t want my employer, but when my boss looked like him… no one with a beating heart could deny the brutal attraction that poured off Fin.

Right away, I didn’t miss how he always seemed to be where I was. I saw the way he watched me constantly, tracking me with his eyes like he was starving and I was the only thing that could sate his hunger.

And God did I want to be his meal.

I was playing a dangerous game, but knowing I could unravel a man like Fin made it all the more enticing.

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