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Nothing had ever been set in stone… except Rory’s relationship with Lena. She was it for him. If he was the darkness, she was the stars that lit him up.

They’d shared all their firsts together, but even the certainty of forever came with its own obstacles.

When Rory is forced to leave Lena for a job opportunity, one that can help secure their future, they fear the distance could press between them. Their relationship was stronger than steel, but even distance had its way of inserting it into someone’s life.

And then a surprise pregnancy changes the course of everything, and their love and loyalty are tested to the limits.

With the future so unsure, pressures mounting, and responsibility rising, the two have to navigate these new, uncharted waters together, of let it tear them apart.

Reader note: This story was previously published as “Just Give In.” It has since been retitled, recovered, and reedited. Brand new content has been included, and there have been minor tweaks throughout the entire book. Although this is the same romance as before, there have been some significant plot changes. Subject matter may be sensitive to some readers.

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