Falling Under

Sometimes falling under is the only way to reach the top.

Olivia has lived a life of privilege, but she’s always stayed grounded, and known she’s not better than anyone. Being used as nothing more than a status symbol for her family, she’s always been alone in the world.

Mason has one priority; get enough money to make sure his sister lives. He’ll go to the very depth of depravity to make sure the one person who means everything to him keeps breathing … even if that means taking Olivia and ransoming them off.

But now that he has Olivia he realizes this isn’t as cut and dry as he thought it would be. He’s starting to care for her, and he can see in her eyes she’s right there with him.

Their lives colliding might not have been in the traditional sense, but it’s exactly what they both needed.

They are exactly what they both needed.

Mason has no problem going to hell and back to get vengeance on the ones who took everything he’s ever cared about. Blood and violence are what he’s good at, after all.

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