It was always the four of them.

Lilly and her three guys. Riley, Christian, and Tallin.

They were her protectors, the three most important people in her life, and the people she loved above all else, and they all gave her something special in their friendship.

And moving away from them was the hardest thing she’d ever experienced in her life. Or so she thought.

When an unexpected tragedy brought Lilly back to her hometown, she turned to the men she loved the most. What she didn’t expect was for her feelings to shift to something more carnal and consuming.

Crossing the line with her best friends was so wrong it felt good.

Note: This is a previously published until the title “Theirs”. It’s been reedited, retitled, and recovered, but the story itself is the same. This is an MFM story. It does deal with sensitive subject matter.

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