The Lion and the Lamb

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

Working at a strip club for the notorious lion shifter Leo Castill?

It sounded dirty, wrong… exciting.

It took many years for Tatum Weatherton to grow comfortable with her curvier body, but she was confident now and took a chance to apply at one of the hottest gentlemen’s club in the city, The Lion and the Lamb.

But from the moment Tatum and Leo met, something changed in her. He made her feel hot, needy, wanting things she’d never even dreamed of, things that were arousing and obscene.

He was bigger than life, his body strong and muscular, built to pleasure the opposite sex.

Built to make her feel good.

And when he said she was his mate, that he’d claim her, mark her so every other male knew who she belonged to, Tatum should have ran in the other direction.

But she couldn’t stop wanting him.

When a threat forced Leo’s inner lion to come free and protect her, the blood of his enemy covering her powerful beast, Tatum knew the only place she’d ever feel safe, the only spot she was meant to be, was at Leo’s side.

Reader note: This book was previously published under the same title. It has been re-edited and minimally revised. The story itself is the same for those who previously read it. There may be sensitive material to some readers.

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