Claiming His Human (Rogues, #1)

Three decades ago a race of humanoid aliens landed on Earth. Humans were inferior, weaker, and no match for the bigger, warrior-bred beings known as the Rogues.Now they ruled Earth.Hiding was the only way to survive in a world that wasn’t her own anymore, and Greta had been damn good at it. She had to in order to make it as long as she had.But when the group she’s with are found by the massive, alpha aliens that rule the planet she once knew, she knew she’d be used for one of two things.Manual labor.Or used for something far more perverse.Tolcan is an enforcer for his kind. He’s ruthless and merciless. His job is simple: find humans in hiding and capture them. But when he sees Greta something in him shifts. Everything he always knew, his sole-focus and warrior trained brain takes a sharp left.Going against what his kind believes, he takes her as his own. Something primal and possessive claims him, and one thing keeps echoing in his mind.Claim her as my mate. Brand her as mine.And Tolcan won’t stop until he’s made sure Greta knows he won’t let her go, damn the consequences.


Reader note: This story was previously published under the title Branded. It has been re-edited, revised, and new content added. There may be content that is sensitive to some readers.


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