It Started With a Kiss


It was supposed to be a fun, easygoing bachelorette party. But it turned out to be so much more.
They dared me to kiss the next guy to buy me a drink. And I agreed. It was just a kiss, right?

And then it happened… I saw Grey and felt something instant. 
I tried to back out of that kiss even though I wanted it desperately.

But he didn’t let me stop it. He kissed me until my toes curled and my heart raced. He kissed me until I knew I wanted more.

So when I left him standing there staring at me, I knew it was all kinds of wrong to leave.


It started with a dare.

It ended with a kiss.
And for weeks after she walked out of my life, I searched for her, doing anything and everything in my power to find a morsel of information about the first woman to make my heart stop and my future flash before my eyes.

And when I finally found her, I was going to show Ari that I’d known she was mine from the very beginning.

And that I wasn’t letting her go a second time.