302 Forbidden Ave (Cherry Falls)

*A complete stand-alone romance in the Cherry Falls series*

Amelia Richardson was innocent, maybe even forbidden to me.

She was a good girl, played piano for the church. Pure. That’s what she was.

Cherry Falls was an idealistic community, a place you could have a family, have the dream and settle down. Picturesque was a word used most frequently to describe my town, and it’s why I decided to stay here, to keep calling this my home.

As a firefighter, I prided myself on taking care of the community and keeping control.

But Amelia had that control leaving me completely.

Despite working as a team to keep Cherry Falls safe, I’d always seen myself as a one-man show, not needing anyone or anything to be happy, even if I felt pressure from my family to settle down and have kids.

I never saw that in the cards for me… not until I’d first seen Amelia.

She cracked the world around me, opened my heart, and showed me there was far more in this life, more than I’d ever thought possible.

It started out as a friendship. It’ll end with her being mine.

I just needed to show her what I could offer, how I saw a future with her… for us.

Forbidden or not, Amelia would be mine.


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