We’d known each other all our lives.

And I loved her that whole time.


She was all curves wrapped in a bubbly personality that no other woman could match.

And I’d saved myself for her… my first kiss, my first everything.But I waited to make her mine for far too long.When a job had me leaving her, I knew I’d come back. There’s no way I was letting her get away.

The years passed, but my love for her only grew. And when I’m finally back home, back to her, I knew I was done waiting, done pretending boundaries couldn’t crossed in our friendship.

But was it too late?I didn’t care if it was, because the truth was, I wouldn’t stop trying to make Daphne mine. All I had to have was the courage to tell her the truth about how she made me feel.Everything else, anything else that got in the way, was just fluff.