Run, Little Rabbit

It was supposed to be a fun evening at the Halloween carnival, but I ended up being stalked by a masked stranger the entire night.

He found me in the haunted house and gave me that first forced touch.

He caught me at the bouncy house and used his mouth and knife on me, making me feel good, even though I tried to hate it.

And when he chased me through the woods, calling me his prey, I didn’t know if it was the fear or the excitement and anticipation that made me run faster.

His kinks were unmatched. Dark and depraved.

They were just for me.

He called me his little rabbit.

He told me to run. He wanted to chase me, to hunt me down.

And when he caught me, he’d do whatever he wanted to me.

*This is a Halloween short story filled with kinkery. Please heed the CW/TW list as this story does have heavy material inside.

ContentPraise/Degradation/Knife play/Blood play/Cum play/Forced submission/Primal/Chase/Mask play/Hand necklaces/Non-Con/Stalking/Biting/Breath Play/Choking/Explicit Sex Scenes/Exhibitionism


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