After my father passed away, his ranch—my childhood home—was taken away from me, as well as almost every penny I had to pay his debts. I needed work fast, and in the small country town of Falls View, my options were limited.

A live-in cook and housecleaner, that’s what the ad asked for. When I pulled up to the ranch, I expected a burly cowboy—just like my father had been—to be the person who interviewed me. But the guy who showed up was everything I hadn’t expected, but sure as hell everything I wanted.

Dalton gave me the job almost on the spot, and I told myself this would be easy. I was used to hard work on a ranch. What I wasn’t used to was my boss being sexy as sin, or the fact that I saw the way he looked at me when he didn’t think I noticed.

I had to keep my gutter-thoughts at bay for my new employer.

Things could stay professional, and boundaries most definitely wouldn’t be crossed… right?


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