Fury (Bleeding Mayhem, 3)

Reader Note: This was previously published under. Although it has been re-edited and minimal content added and removed, if you read the original it is the same story. For a list of TW/CW, please check out the author’s website.


The Bleeding Mayhem MC… where blood, violence, and being an alpha reign supreme.

Fury took Angelina because of revenge, but the longer she was with him the more he wanted her.

He never thought he’d be a man to use a woman as leverage, but when that female was the daughter of the notorious mafia leader, Sal Cardona, the bastard who came after his MC, Fury would go to any length.

Angelina ran from her mafia family, but she’s never felt safe since.

When she woke up after being drugged and taken from her home, she feared her father and his men had found her.

But something dark and dangerous rose in her when she realized the man who took her was the president of the Bleeding Mayhem motorcycle club.

She hated that she desired him, and loathed herself for the arousal coursing through her at just a look from Fury.

And when they finally come together in a deviously sexual way, Angelina feared she’d fallen for something far more dangerous than her mob family.

Fury had never wanted anything more than he did Angelina, and he wouldn’t let her walk away when it was all said and done, not even when her family came knocking at his door.