Bronson Lyon, Scottish leader and warlord of Clan Lyon, had seen enough death to last a lifetime. He had battle scars that would’ve killed a lesser man.
After fighting for years to reclaim his territory, he was ready to settle down and create a family, to claim a wife. But Bronson never had time for romance.
He was a warrior who made no apologies for the carnage left behind in his wake. Wooing females was foreign to him, but that was about to change.
Warlords ere not known for their gallant, tender hearts.
Until she came along and changed everything he ever thought he knew. If anyone could make the hardened warrior be gentle, it was Genevieve.
The buxom redhead was brought to him as a potential bride, untouched, innocent in all ways. And at the first look into her green eyes, Bronson instantly wanted to claim her. She was all he ever envisioned wanting.
Genevieve’s body was meant to bear him strong, fearsome sons, and he’d show her what it meant to be owned by a warlord.
But there was an enemy who wanted to hurt what Bronson held most dear, and that was his new bride and his child she carried.
*This is a re-release of an older story originally titled “The Warlord Claims His Bride”. It has since gotten a new cover, been re-edited, parts re-written, and new content added!



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