That Crazy Kind



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I wasn’t a jock, wasn’t the pretty boy next door. My family didn’t have any wealth, so I was “that guy from the wrong side of the tracks.”I got into too much trouble, too many fights.I would have been classified as the bad boy, the guy your mother warned you about.And when I transferred to Silver Creek High to finish my senior year, I had one goal—keep my head down, don’t let anyone piss me off enough to get into a fight, and graduate.And then she came into my life.Harlow.She was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen, with her shy glances at me, her questions that delved deep. She was the one person, aside from my own mother, who cared about what I thought and how I felt.I knew keeping her as mine probably wasn’t smart, because she was far too good for the likes of me. But no one would have her but me.I felt that too strongly to ignore.I probably shouldn’t have embraced my feelings for Harlow. She was better off without me. But I was too selfish.I wanted her too much.So screw it.What I felt for her was that crazy kind of love.