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Meant to Be

It was supposed to be a farewell party. With just the two of us.

Jameson was going across the world for the next year to help those less fortunate. I was staying home, knowing that when he returned I’d finally be honest with him about my feelings.

That I was in love with him.

But the night wasn’t supposed to go the way it had.

Getting drunk.

Getting naked.

Sleeping with my best friend.

I couldn’t believe we’d crossed those lines until they blurred and all but disappeared. But I wouldn’t–couldn’t–lie and say it hadn’t been everything I’d ever dreamed of.

And now Jameson was gone for the next year, and I was left here worrying about what the next step would be for us.

Because I found out I was pregnant with my best friend’s baby and he knew nothing about it.

Reader Note: This was published in the Knocked Up: A Secret Baby Anthology.