Claiming What’s Theirs

A scarred woman running from her past…

Jessa Malone has endured five years of abuse from the one person she thought she could trust.

And enough was enough.

But when her escape leads to an accident, Jessa found herself in an unfamiliar home with two very large men who aren’t exactly who they claim to be.


Two snow leopard shifting brothers have finally found their mate in the same woman…

Deacon and Thayer Uncia have lived in isolation for years, trying to control their inner animals.

When they found a wounded woman, they knew exactly who she was to them.

Their mate.

Now the brothers just have to convince her that she belonged with them, and that their inner animals can’t survive without her.


But when Jessa’s past came back to haunt her, she needed to find the inner strength to defeat her nightmares, and finally get her happily ever after.


Note: This book was previously published under the same title. It’s been reedited and recovered, but the story itself is the same. This is MFM that contains sensitive subject matter pertaining to DV.



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