I’d fallen the moment I laid eyes on Roman.Arrogant and intelligent, gorgeous and independent, he was someone who wouldn’t have ever shown me the time of day. He would never have noticed me.

But when my father married his aunt, when we became family, all that changed.

The way he looked at me and the little touches told me that maybe he wanted me the same way I did him. Or maybe it was my feelings that clouded reality, that made me see what I wanted?

Maybe one day I’d have the nerve to admit that I was in love with him. Or maybe I was too afraid to ever utter those words.


All it had taken was one look at her to stop my heart, one smile to have me falling in love.

My complete opposite, she was shy and reserved, with her nose in a book and a smile that could light up a room. Kennedy was everything I wanted, and all the things I couldn’t have.

Family by marriage.Those three words meant a hell of a lot, could ruin everything. If my true feelings came out, I knew that our lives would be forever changed, and maybe not for the better.

It was because of that fear, how loving Kennedy would be seen as wrong, that I had kept my mouth shut about how I’d felt this whole time.But we only live once, and every day it became harder to accept that she wasn’t mine.

That was about to change. I was about to change it all.Not having her in my life in the way I imagined—fantasized—was not something I was going to live with anymore.

Screw what anyone said. I was finally going to tell Kennedy that I loved her, that she’d always been mine



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