Bethany Sterling came from a privileged family, one that believed in modern-day marriage arrangements. On the outside she played the part of the perfect daughter, but on the inside she was looking for another way out. She hid what she really wanted in life, because showing her dreams and aspirations was a weakness she couldn’t afford to reveal.

As soon as Abe saw her he knew that he would go to any lengths to make her his. He was trained to be lethal, stealthy, and have no remorse in his actions. His dark needs take control of him until he was nothing more than a machine intent on following his plan.

Bethany finally got her wish for a new life, but it wasn’t how she envisioned it. Now with Abe she realized that his need for her runs deep. He looked at her as if he owned not only her body, but her soul, as well. His possessiveness was something she should fear, but she was also compelled and attracted to him because of it.
It was those turbulent emotions pulling her in different directions that would have Bethany deciding how far she was willing to go.

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