WARNING: This is not a traditional love story. This book does not end in the normal “happily ever after.” There are no wedding bells at the end, no love being professed, or long walks on the beach. If that is the type of story you want this book probably isn’t for you. This book is fiction and contains material readers may find offensive. There is disturbing content, graphic sex, violence, and strong language.

Bethany Sterling comes from a privileged family, one that believes in modern- day marriage arrangements. On the outside she plays the part of the perfect daughter, but on the inside she is looking for another way out. She hides what she really wants in life, because showing her dreams and aspirations is a weakness she can’t afford to reveal.

As soon as Abe saw her he knew that he would go to any lengths to make her his. He is trained to be lethal, stealthy, and have no remorse in his actions. His dark needs take control of him until he is nothing more than a machine intent on following his plan.

Bethany finally gets her wish for a new life, but it isn’t how she envisioned it. Now with Abe she realizes that his need for her runs deep. He looks at her as if he owns not only her body, but her soul, too. His possessiveness is something she should fear, but she is also compelled and attracted to him because of it.

It is those turbulent emotions pulling her in different directions that will have Bethany deciding how far she is willing to go.