Hot-Bites: Volume Two


Release Date: Coming June 3, 2021

Volume Two includes the next four books in the bestselling Hot-Bites series.

Book 6: Filling Her Up

I’m going to claim her; and when I do, it won’t be just her gas tank I fill up. 
Cassie is going to have my baby.

Book 7: Knocking Her Up

From the moment I saw her, I knew I had to make Jo mine. She’s smart and sexy, with a body that can make a man fall to his knees. And I’m that man.
She’s far too good for a rough and tough boxer like me, but I’m too selfish to walk away from her.

Book 8: Sticky Fingers

I realize that one night won’t be enough. I need all of her. I need her as mine.
Now I just have to show her that there are much more enjoyable ways to get sticky fingers.

Book 9: Stretched

I was too old for her and someone she looked up to.
Because once we were alone in the locker room, and she kissed me, I couldn’t stop myself.
I didn’t even try.

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