A Forbidden Mating

Unforgiven Country, 2

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

I’m a shifter.
We have our own rules, customs.
At least we’re supposed to.
When my father went against tradition and arranged a mating for me—one he said would better the pack, I did the only thing I could.
I ran.
I want to choose who I love, who I mate.
But my fleeing has me stranded in Unforgiven … face to face with my fated mate.
A wolf who refuses to let me go.
And I don’t want him to.
I don’t want to deny either of us what comes naturally … being together in every conceivable way.
But what happens when my father and betrothed mate find me? Will it start an all-out war? Or can they see I’m finally happy, finally where I’m supposed to be?

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