Give Me More: A Menage and More Collection (vol 1): ebook

Give Me More: A Menage and More collection contains the following titles:


Known as ruthless and dominant in everything he did, Dietrich took what he wanted without thought or remorse. Though already in a relationship with Stellan Alfonso, an ex-quarterback and businessman, Dietrich and Stellan felt something was still missing in their lives. 

It wasn’t until he met Blythe that Dietrich realized she was the only one who could complete their relationship. 

Dietrich and Stellan were about to use the next four weeks to show Blythe exactly what it meant to be submissive in every way.


When an unexpected tragedy brought Lilly back to her hometown, she turned to the men she loved the most. What she didn’t expect was for her feelings to shift to something more carnal and consuming. 

Crossing the line with her best friends was so wrong it felt good.

Sofie’s Boys

I fell in love with two men. I thought being with them both—at the same time—would be complicated.

But it was easy. It was perfect.

One of them was twice my age.

The other was the boy I’d grown up with.

Both of them were so very different, but they gave me exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed.


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