Sofie’s Boys (A Poly Romance): ebook

I fell in love with two men.

I thought being with them both—at the same time—would be complicated.

But it was easy. It was perfect.

One of them was twice my age.

The other was the boy I’d grown up with.

Both of them were so very different, but they gave me exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed.

Ryker was a bad boy with looks, the one I’d given my first everything to.

He was also my best friend.

Jareth was older, refined, and experienced. He was dominant, skilled, and I felt fragile when I was with him.

He was also my boss.

Although they were possessive and jealous where I was concerned, they accepted I was in a relationship with both of them.

Ryker and Jareth only demanded one thing from me—to only be with them.

Would I ever have to pick between them?

How wrong would it be if I kept them both?



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