Dirty girl (Going All the Way, 2): ebook

Booshie, VP of the Vicious Bastards MC, wanted Naggie in the filthiest of ways, but he knew she was off-limits. Yet his obsession only grew for her with each day he was denied her body.

Naggie Conner was wild, spoke her mind, and was covered in ink. She was too much to handle for most, but she didn’t care. This was who she was, and it made her happy.
But when betrayal had her world caving in around her, she really let loose and enjoyed a girls’ night out. It seemed like the perfect therapy to put her troubles behind her.

ut that night of drunken abandon ended up with her going home with Booshie.

Being with the alpha biker was exactly what she envisioned: untamed, explosive, and addictive. She wanted more, even if it wasn’t the best idea.

But denying Booshie wasn’t an option. He didn’t want just one night with Naggie, and he was not the type of man to be refused.

Reader note: This story was previously published under the same title. It has since been revised and reedited. Material may be sensitive to some readers.



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