Scars (Going All the Way, 3): ebook

Mickey “Scars” Lore wasn’t always the hardened, coldhearted man he was today. But the brutality of living life, of love and loss, tended to make a man nothing more than a shell.

Vengeance, violence, and not caring about repercussions was who he was now. And he embraced it.

As president of the Vicious Bastards MC, Scars had committed a lot of heinous acts in his life, all for the ones he called family. His brothers, the members of the MC, and his daughter, Stella, were all he had now. But with Stella grown and living her own life, Scars found that hollowness in him growing tenfold.

It was time for him to leave, to retreat to a cabin in the woods the club owned, to try to find himself again. It would give him a chance to think, to recenter. Or maybe it was a chance for him to get so drunk he couldn’t remember his own name.

But then she came along—Hannah. She was innocent and scared, vulnerable and seeking refuge from her past. Scars should have turned her away, but when she looked at him with eyes that were too knowing, too broken, he felt like he had purpose again. He felt like they were one and the same.

And the more time he spent with her, the more he… found himself again.

Scars knew one thing for certain. After this was all said and done and Hannah was safe, he wouldn’t let her go.
She was put in his life for a purpose, and that was to be his.



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