Give Me The Bad Boy (Box Set)

Give Me the Bad Boy:

A Darker Romance Collection



Cameron Ashton reined over the gritty underworld, the danger and violence of depravity, from his throne. A pistol was his sword, and apathy was his second-in-command. I know he was dangerous, know he would break me and not think twice. But he was my only chance, the only way I’d survive.

He was possessive and controlling, claiming he owns me. And he does … every part of me. The darkness in him ran stronger, deeper than it ever had in me. Maybe we’re not so different? Maybe giving up my control to Cameron, giving him my very soul, made me the powerful one?

Maybe, in the end, I’d be the one who owned him.


Matched to the Mafia

I wasn’t a good man. Not by society standards, and certainly not by the bare minimum. When people heard my name—Enzo Santini—it wrought fear and respect.

I did horrible, violent things, all in the name of power, all because I was the Capo of the Los Angeles Italian crime syndicate known as The Family.

The mafia.

But the first time I saw Bianca Alfonso, the gorgeous and curvy secretary for Seeking Curves—the matchmaking company The Family had a business hand in—I knew one thing for certain.

She’d be mine.


Stalk Her

As president of The Devil’s Right Hand MC, I could get whatever I wanted.

Drugs, women, money, but most of all power.

I ran my club with an iron fist, and what we did wasn’t exactly legal, but then again the kind of money we wanted, you didn’t get by following the rules.

But then she came into my life—this sweet, fresh, and pretty young thing working at one of the bars the MC owned. I should’ve stayed away, should’ve kept my distance, because she was a liability and a distraction I sure as hell didn’t need.