The Arrangement (A Real Man)

*Each Real Man book can be read as a complete standalone.



He hated me.

I loved him.

I had feelings for Beckham for so long it was a part of me now. But because his father married my mother, I knew there was no chance of us ever being together. We couldn’t cross that line. I wouldn’t for fear of ruining our relationship.

But then my mother betrayed his father, destroying our family and ripping Beckham from me.

Hurtful things were said, things that broke my heart.I never thought I’d see him again. It was an unmeasurable pain.And six months later, I found myself having to turn to him, the man I loved…. the man who hated me.

He agreed to let me stay with him until I was on my feet again. But what arrangement did he have in mind? What did he want as payment?



She thought I hated her.She couldn’t be further from the truth.

I was so in love with her that no one else mattered. But I screwed that up in one moment of pain, in one second of hurt.It wasn’t even her fault, but I’d taken it out on Lenora. And I regretted it every day since. I wanted to call her so many times. I’d driven by her house like a stalker, wanting to talk to her, to beg for forgiveness.

But now was my time to make things right. Now was my chance to prove to her I’d do whatever it took to have her forgive me… to have her love me too.



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