Taken (A Real Man)

*Each Real Man book can be read as a complete standalone.


I saw her across a crowded room. She was everything I’d ever wanted.
 She was everything I didn’t know I needed.

It ended with a few too many glasses of champagne and both of us in an empty room, the heat rising, two bodies searching for something more. 
I only knew her first name, but that’s all I needed to know I wanted her as mine forever.

There wouldn’t be anything in this world that could stop me from letting Penny know I couldn’t let her walk away.


I ran into him… literally. And instantly, I knew he was unlike any man I’d ever met. I’d consumed far too many alcoholic beverages that night, and the liquid courage and bubbles going straight to my head.

With my inhibitions gone, I found myself sneaking off into a storage closet with a virtual stranger and doing things that made me blush.

It was fast.

It was hot.

It was dirty.
 But most of all, it was perfect.
 When the night ended, I knew the fantasy would no doubt become a distant memory. But Everett had woken something up in me that I hadn’t known was asleep. And I yearned for more.

And it seemed he hadn’t forgotten about me either… not if him showing up on my doorstep telling me I was his was anything to go by.



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