Bought (A Real Man)

Sold off like a piece of meat. That’s exactly what my best friend was asking me to do.

“It’s for a good cause,” she said. “Whoever wins will wine and dine you,” she said.

And so I agreed, even though I feared no one would bid on me, even though I worried how everyone would see how very much I didn’t fit in to their aristocratic, wealth-laced world.

But then he came along, saving me from face-planting at the event, holding me close and making me feel all the things that had been foreign to me. He stared into my eyes like he wanted to give me every part of who he was. He looked at me like he wanted to give me… everything.

And as I stood on that stage and was auctioned off, there was one deep voice that rose above all others.


Logan Mathis.

The man who heated my body and hadn’t said more than a string of words to me during our first encounter.

The exorbitant amount of money he bid ensured I’d be his, if only for one night. But God, I wanted more. And the way he looked at me said he wanted the same thing.



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