One Night (A Real Man, 26)

We’d been friends nearly our entire lives.

Only friends… at least on the outside. I always cared for Devon more than I should, wanted things with him that didn’t happen between “just friends.”

Until one night of drinking changed that.

I ended up in Devon’s bed after one too many drinks. I wished I could say I didn’t remember what we did and feign ignorance. 
But I knew.
I remembered every passionate, heated moment. I remembered the way he touched me, the things he said to me in pleasure.

Things were different between us now, weird, and so I stayed away, not wanting to make things worse.

But it seemed fate had other plans for me… for us.

I had a one-night stand with my best friend, and I had a secret that resulted from that encounter.

was pregnant with his baby.

*All stories in the Real Man series can be read as complete standalone titles.