Take My Daddy, I’ll Take Yours (discreet)

I was happy when my father found love again.

What I hated was that not only was his new wife the same age as me, but I was pretty sure she was a sea witch created solely to make my life as miserable as possible.

A wedding should have been a joyous time. Instead, I kicked back the champagne until my inhibitions were shot and let a much older man lead me to a darkened corner to give me the best sex I ever had.

That one-night stand should have been just that, but it was hard to not think about the silver fox who gave me more orgasms than I thought were humanly possible.

It wasn’t until a family dinner, when my new stepmother invited her dad over, that I realized the man I let screw my brains out was none other than her father.

I should have felt shame for what I’d done—the forbidden encounter that lived rent-free in my head. But the only thought that crossed my mind was…

Take my daddy, and I’ll take yours.



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