Corruption (Dark Remedies Book Box Edition)

This edition contains a digital signature page and was featured in the Dark Remedies Book Box.


From USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow comes a new full-length standalone dark mafia romance set in the Underworld Kings world.

Even the beast could get the beauty… he just had to take her.

Anastasia was a Russian mafia princess.

I was unworthy to even look at her.

But that didn’t stop a bond, a friendship to form between us. She was the only good and right thing in my painful, brutal life. She was the only one who could look at my bruises and wounds and see I wasn’t a total waste of space.

But I was ripped away from her, thrust into the underground world of violence and fighting, molded and shaped to be the ultimate killing machine for the Bratva.

And that’s who I was now.

Razoreniye. Ruin.

Now, ten years later all of humanity had been stripped from me, all the emotion and empathy that I’d once felt taken away until I was nothing more than the beast who craved blood and had far too many kills tallied up.

But they could never take her away from me. And so I followed her, watched her through her bedroom window, broke into her apartment, and held her as she slept.

I wasn’t a good man. I was carved out from the very devil himself, and although I would ever be good enough for Anastasia, that didn’t mean I’d ever let anyone else have her.

So when she was forced to marry another, I did the only thing that made sense.

I took her in the middle of the night and kept her locked up until she realized she was mine and mine alone.



Stalking / primal /biting / anal play / marking / kidnapping (or heroine by hero) / captivity (of heroine by hero) / breaking and entering (by hero) / watches her sleep / lays in bed with her while she’s unaware (by hero to heroine) / hero kills for her / anti hero, morally gray / hero steals her things as “trophies” / pussy slapping / spanking / spit play / voyeurism / cum play / murder on page / attempted assault (of heroine by secondary character) / violence and gore / torture / virgin hero / virgin heroine / past trauma and abuse (of hero) / mild dominance (of hero to heroine)


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