Reckless Heir (Dark Remedies Book Box Edition)

This edition contains a digital signature page and was featured in the Dark Remedies Book Box.


From USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow comes a new full-length standalone arranged marriage mafia romance set in the Underworld Kings world that blurs the lines between right and wrong.

My father sold me off to a ruthless killer in the Russian mafia, an alliance between the Bratva and the Cosa Nostra.

An arranged marriage where I’d be at the mercy of the man who’d no doubt see me as his property, where I was sure he’d be just as cruel and violent as every other Made Man I’d known in my life.

Nikolai Petrov, known to be a sociopath and for killing anyone for the smallest infraction. And I’d be forever tied to him, an accessory he could use or dispose of any way he saw fit.

And then I found myself painted red, my wedding dress stained in blood. A man dead by my husband’s hands for simply touching my hair.

I was terrified of the lengths Nikolai would go to get what he wanted… to keep me as his, but despite all of that I felt something far stronger, far more dangerous.

Need. Want. Dark and depraved desire. And it was all for the man who said I was his.

For better or worse.

Content/Trigger warnings:

Praise kink, dubious consent, minor degradation kink, minor spit play, arranged/forced marriage, CNC, biting, primal kink, light choking, stalking, on page murder, pregnancy (not the heroine), statutory rape (not the heroine), violence, assault, explicit sex, virgin heroine, hero kills for heroine, public play, exhibitionism, no condom use, no cheating/no manwhore.


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