The Hunter (Exclusive Blue Foil Edition)

Limited print run.

Exclusive blue foil edition.

Glossy cover and pages with interior image formatting.


What if the big bad wolf kidnapped Little Red Riding Hood solely for his pleasure?

After my grandmother passed away, it left me with this feeling of emptiness. I had a dead-end job, no friends or family, and I was trying to navigate this new world while being utterly alone.

The perfect solution? Take a once in a lifetime trip to Alaska and reconnect with the wilderness and all the things that make me happy.

Being isolated in a cabin with no electricity, running water, or cell service sounded perfect until I roughed it in the wild and realized this might not have been the best idea.

Things were going great until they weren’t, and I realized I wasn’t alone. It was the hunter, and I was its prey.

And when I finally came face-to face with my stalker, it wasn’t anything I could have pictured in my wildest dreams.

He was a monster, a literal furry, huge werewolf looking beast that said he chose me as his mate, and I was now his.

It took me to his lair where he touched me, licked me… gave me pleasure. And despite knowing I had to fight him and this new reality, I wanted more.

Wolf might be terrifying to look at, bigger and stronger than anything I could ever imagine, but his sole purpose was to please me.

The real question was, did I ever want to go back to civilization and the life I once knew?


* A Little Red Riding Hood Reimagining.


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