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The Soldiers of Wrath MC


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Chapter One

Deanna sat on the bed, waiting for Demon to come to his room. It was late; they’d just had a huge party to celebrate Steel and Eloise’s engagement. They were getting married in a few months. The club was growing fast, and the men were falling more and more for women other than the club whores. She didn’t mind the club whores, but she didn’t like them being around Demon. It only reminded her of what he used to do before he’d met her.

She stood and moved toward the small vanity, needing to busy herself. Reaching for the brush, she started to work it through the knots. She cried out, startled, just as Demon walked through the door.
“Hey, baby.”

“I’ve been attacked by the hair monster,” she pouted and he simply chuckled. Something was clearly bothering him as he sat on the edge of the bed, tugging off his shoes.

“What’s up?” he said.

“Nothing, just thinking.”

“The club was celebrating tonight and you’re just thinking? I don’t get it; something’s bugging you.” He released a sigh.

Placing the brush on the bed, she crawled across the bed and wrapped her arms around him. “Talk to me, baby. Don’t leave me in the dark.”
Demon grabbed her hands, pressing a kiss before resting them back on his chest.

“Shakes is worrying me.”

“Because of Daniella?”

He rubbed at his temples. “I’ve just got a feeling he’s going to cause me a headache with that girl.”

“You don’t think he’s going to make a move and claim her as his own, do you?”

“I wish I knew the fucking answer to that. I’m in the dark on it all.” He turned, kissing her lips. “I’m sorry, baby. I don’t want to worry you.”
“I’m not worried.” Great, she really wanted to talk to him about something that had actually been worrying her. Now wasn’t a great time, but she couldn’t keep on waiting. “Actually, there’s something I want to talk to you about,” she said, biting her lip the moment the words slipped out of her mouth.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong?”

“Have you ever thought about living somewhere other than the clubhouse?” she asked, trying to find out if he had a plan for the future.
“Do you have a problem living here? I know some women can’t handle—” Pressing her fingers to his lips, she shook her head.

“I love living at the club and being with you. I don’t have a problem being your old lady or anything else to do with the club.” This wasn’t going well for her. “I was, uhm, just wondering what you thought about expanding our little twosome.”

“You want me to share you with another guy?” he said with hardness in his voice.

“No, no, no.” She sat back on her heels, getting angry with herself. “No.”
“I’m tired, Deanna; I’m not in the mood for cryptic.”

“I’m pregnant,” she said, spitting out the words. She had wanted to go the romantic route, talking about babies and cribs, strollers and rattles. Instead, she had to be blunt.

This club, as much as she loved it, wasn’t a place for a baby. The Soldiers of Wrath MC would accept her and the baby, that wasn’t a worry, but she wasn’t going to live in the clubhouse with a newborn baby, cramping the members’ style, and living in this atmosphere. There was only going to be so much diaper changing and screaming that anyone could take.

“You’re pregnant?”

“Yes, I got it confirmed earlier today, and I’ve been wondering at the best way to tell you. I guess I didn’t really know how to pick the right moment.” She shrugged, staring down at her hands.

“We’re pregnant,” he said in almost disbelief.

She glanced up in time to see him running his fingers through his hair. “Yes, we’re pregnant, which happens when two people have sex without condoms or the pill.”

She hadn’t expected balloons, but the sudden silence that descended on them was unnerving.

“Are you happy?”

“I don’t know what I am at the moment.”

Tears filled her eyes, and she really wanted to leave then. “I didn’t plan this.”

“With everything that is going on, we don’t have time for a baby. Shit. Shakes is causing me shit because of Daniella, and Joker’s having to take on the kills that Zeke asks him to carry out. Wherever I look, everything is turning to shit, Deanna.”

“This isn’t my fault,” she said, climbing off the bed. “I’m not the one who forgot the condom. Guess what, hotshot, you stick your dick in a pussy without a condom, it’s likely to come back nine months later, kicking and screaming. I’m not going to have an abortion, or give my kid up, and I’m not raising it here.”

She stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door closed. Sitting on the toilet, she listened to Demon curse, followed by him knocking on the door.

“I’m sorry, De, come on out and we’ll talk about this.”

“I’m not ready to come and talk to you. I don’t even like you at the moment. Stay away from me.”

She folded her arms over her chest, trying to hug herself. In her mind, she figured he’d be jumping up and down for joy, not using other members of the club as an excuse. Lifting her knees to her chest, she listened to him talking.

“De, open the door. Let me hold you,” he said softer this time.

“You can’t stay angry at me forever, De. Open the door. Let’s talk about this.”

“You want to talk about the fact I’ve got your kid inside me? Or do you want to talk about trying to get rid of it.”
“I just want to fucking hold you, Deanna. We’ll deal with our kid soon, not tonight.”

She shook her head, hating him even more. What made it worse for her was the fact she loved him so damn much that it hurt.

“I can break down this fucking door, De.”

“Then do it. Make a damn mess and you’ll only have to fix it in the morning. Besides, in order to hold me, you need me to want to be held. I don’t see that happening. I can hold myself fine without you.”

The moment he kicked down the door, showing off how alpha he was, she’d be smitten, and there would be no chance of making him wait, she knew this.

Taking a breath, she stared around the bathroom, defeated. She wanted Demon’s arms around her, not her own.

Opening the door, she found him sitting on the bed staring at her.

All it took was him opening his arms, and she ran to him. She wanted this baby, but it didn’t stop her from being absolutely terrified.


Chapter Two

Demon had fucked up; he knew that. He shouldn’t have reacted the way he had, but hearing her say she was pregnant had shocked him, stunned the hell out of him.
“Please, baby, please let me in.” He rested his forehead against the door, braced his hands on the frame, and breathed out. Shit, he was going to be a father; a fucking dad and he didn’t even know how to react properly when his old lady told him she was carrying his kid.
Second ticked by and he returned to the bed before he finally heard the lock disengaging. The door swung open and he held out his arms. Deanna had red-rimmed eyes, but it didn’t look like she’d been crying. Good, because he couldn’t have handled himself if he’d been the one that made her cry.
“I’m sorry, baby. You just took me by surprise. I didn’t know how to react at first.” He scrubbed a hand over his face as she ran into his arms. He breathed out and waited for her to say something, anything. The silence stretched between them as he pulled her closer, unable to hold onto his control and restraint anymore. She molded into him, rested her head on his chest, and he loved that she trusted him even though he was being a motherfucker.
“I’m scared about this, too, Demon.”
He ran his hand over her back and kissed the top of her head.
“There isn’t anything to be worried about, baby.” He cupped the side of her face, knowing that he was a bastard in all ways. However, when it came to this woman, he was so fucking head over heels, so damn obsessed and possessive of her that he’d die if she weren’t in his life.
She pulled back and looked at his face. “Aren’t you afraid of what this means, how this will affect our lives? Aren’t you afraid of how we are going to be as parents, how we—”
He kissed her, stopped her from talking anymore. “We aren’t going to worry about the what ifs, Deanna. We are only going to worry about the here and now.” He murmured against her lips, and then kissed her hard, thoroughly, and didn’t stop until she was pressing against him, begging for more. That’s what he wanted from her. Demon wanted her to stop worrying, and just focus on what was happening now. “You’re going to be a great mother, and I’m going to try my hardest to be a good fucking father, De.”
She chuckled softly, but it wasn’t one filled with amusement; it seemed a little tight and tense. “I hope you’re right because I am so scared.”
He kissed her forehead and exhaled. “That’s normal. I’m scared, too, but I know that we are going to make kickass parents.” He smiled and loved when her face lit up. He leaned her back over his arm, pushed her shirt up, and kissed her belly. She gasped, and he smiled. “I’m going to make sure you’re taken care of, little guy.”
“You’re so sure it’s a boy?” She said with a smile in her voice.
“If it is, I’ll make him the toughest little boy around, and if it’s a girl, she’ll be my little princess.” He took her face in his hands and kissed her so deep, so long, there wasn’t any question as to what he wanted.
Before either of them could say anything, he had her undressed. He stood up and took off all his clothes. Then he was back to the bed and back on her. There wasn’t going to be a lot of foreplay; he wasn’t going to play around with this. He needed to be inside his woman, and he needed to do it now.
He placed his cock at her entrance, thrust into her in one move, and groaned deeply. The wet, hot flesh of Deanna’s pussy sucked at the head of his cock. He gritted his teeth as he pulled out, then fed her more of his shaft. She felt incredibly good, so good that he feared he’d come before they even got started. When he looked at her, he saw a look of uninhibited desire reflected back at him. Her eyes were glossy, her hair mussed, and her lush, ruby-red mouth was parted in pleasure. Her inner muscles squeezed his cock, and he snapped his jaw closed.
God, she feels so fucking incredible.
“That’s it, baby, take me all the way.” Breathing out the words, he continued to shove his shaft into her until the feel of his balls brushing against the curve of her ass had him halting. Another squeeze of her inner muscles had him gripping her thighs and groaning. “You’re so hot and tight.” Demon closed his eyes because he just didn’t have the strength to keep them open. He could smell her sweet arousal and hear the little sounds of need she made. “I’m going to take care of you and take care of our baby, De.”
“Demon,” she sighed.
Bracing his knees apart and pushing her legs as wide as they’d go, he pulled out slowly, feeling every ripple of her body contracting around him. When just the tip remained at her entrance, he pushed back in, agonizingly slow. The restraint it was taking him to go slow, to give her time to adjust to his body penetrating hers, was enough to make him go mad. He liked it rough and hard, took what he wanted because that’s what his woman wanted, but right now, he wanted it this way. He wanted to show Deanna that she was his, and their baby would be taken care of above all else.
When he felt her body become wetter, more responsive, he picked up his speed. His strokes were languid at first, but when he peeled his eyes open and stared down at her, splayed out before him like an offering, he moved faster, became more frantic.
Her breasts were beautiful, full and tipped with rose-colored nipples. The tissue was tight, pointing straight up as if seeking his mouth. He wanted to draw them into his mouth, suck on them until she came from that act alone. His imagination spurred him on and he found himself pushing into her with faster, harder strokes. Deanna didn’t tell him to stop. Instead, she urged him to give her more by clamping down on his dick with her cunt, and moaning out for more. Her breasts swayed with his thrusting, and her creamy skin became flushed. Already, her eyes were half-lidded, and when he saw them start to close, he slowed.
“Look at me, Deanna, baby. Watch me as I take you.” When she opened her eyes and looked at him, he rewarded her by moving faster once again. “Touch your breasts for me.” She was beautiful, inside and out, and she was so damn strong. She’d give him a strong child, and together, along with the club, they’d raise their son or daughter to be all they could. Had he’d ever thought he’d be a father? No. But now that he was going to be one, and his woman, his love, was going to be the mother, all else faded except that.
She brought her slender hands up to cup her breasts. Fuck. The sight had his orgasm approaching like a freight train.
“You’re mine, De.”
“Yes,” she moaned as she cupped her tits harder, rubbing her fingers over the tight nipples. “I’m so close.” Her eyes were wide as she said it. He needed to hear her cry out his name, needed to feel her pussy clench around him, milking his shaft until he came inside of her.
Throwing his hips at her harder, faster, he felt sweat slowly trickle down his spine. He slid his hand down her belly, over her defined hips, and ran his thumb along her swollen clit. Just that small touch had her back arching and her thighs clamping tightly around him, and he knew she was coming hard.
“Oh, God,” she cried out.
He didn’t relent on rubbing her clit or pumping his cock into her. Her flesh rippled around him and he groaned as his climax approached.
“Deanna, baby…” Rubbing her clit faster and adding a little more pressure, he pumped his cock into her once, twice, and stilled on the third. “Ah…Christ.” He came so hard he couldn’t breathe. The world around him faded just as he felt Deanna orgasm again. Her hands gripped his forearms. Her nails biting into his flesh made him growl in approval. “Yes.” Hissing under his breath, he heaved and collapsed on her, making sure to brace his weight on his elbows.
Heavy pants came from her and breezed against his neck. “God, baby. That was…” Could he even find words to describe that?
He chuckled at her breathless response. “Yeah, really fucking intense and unexpected.” Kissing her temple, he pulled out of her with a wince, looked down at her pussy, and loved that his spunk trailed out of her and made a wet spot on the mattress. He should have cleaned her up, but the filthy part of him liked watching his cum cover her pussy, soaking the sheets, all because he’d marked her.
She turned her head and stared at him, a small smile on her face.
Holy fuck. Does this woman know she can bring me to my very knees?
Silence descended on them, and he didn’t break it. It was comforting just lying beside her, holding her, looking at her, knowing she was right here with him. He let his eyes travel down her body and stopped when he got to her belly. He thought about their child growing in there, about the tiny life they’d created. He’d never been one to think about life in that way, but he didn’t have a choice now, and he fucking loved that thought.
Demon lifted his hand, not being able to stop himself from running his fingers over the underside of one of the soft mounds of her breasts and lower still until he got to her belly. A smile touched her lips and a hum of approval left her.
“You like that, baby?”
Her lips lifted in a smile.
“I like everything you do to me.”
He grew bolder at her statement. Cupping her breast, he loved how the full weight felt in his palm, and fucking loved that as her pregnancy progressed, her breasts would get bigger. A thumb brushing along the turgid peak, he watched in awe as it tightened up further, the color deepening.
“That feels good, Demon.”
“Yeah, it does.” His mouth watered at the sight and he leaned in, lowering his mouth over the tip, and sucking it in deep. Her skin tasted slightly salty from their fucking, and that was exactly what they’d done right now. It had been a spur of moment, full of emotion session. “I could take you again, Deanna. Right now.” No doubt she was sore, but to his surprise, she purred and her smile became seductive.
The very thought that she would let him inside her body again had him painfully aroused, but he wasn’t going to take her again. Right now, he was just going to hold her.
She opened her eyes and stared at him, and he saw this openness to her right now. Deanna was a strong woman, always had been.
“You make me feel…vulnerable.” Spoken softly, her words held so much emotion it was as if she had shouted them. Damn, now Demon was feeling pretty fucking sentimental right now.
“If only you knew what you do to me, baby, what I’d do for you.” Demon was used to being this hard ass biker, dealing out violence and menace because that’s how he ensured his club stayed safe. However, when he was with his woman, and only when he was with Deanna, did he let this softer side of him emerge. There was no way he could ever ignore what she brought out in him. A fierce and raw hunger for her made him mindless, made him willing to kill a man for even looking at her.
“I love you, baby girl.” He placed his hand on her belly, ran slow circles around her soft skin, and leaned down to kiss her. “You’re carrying my baby, and I fucking love that.” He leaned back and looked at her face. “We’ll make this work, and it’ll be fucking spectacular. It already feels so right, De. It always does when I’m with you.” And wasn’t that the damn truth.

Chapter Three

Deanna sat in the waiting room with Demon at her side. He looked so calm and relaxed as they waited for their appointment. None of the club knew about her pregnancy and she didn’t want them to know. She’d not told Amy or Eloise, preferring to keep everything to herself until she knew more.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as Demon opened another pregnancy magazine before closing it up and wincing. “Damn, that looked nasty.”

The picture was of a woman pushing and it looked like a baby’s head was about to pop out of her vagina. Even Deanna was wincing at the pain it must cause.

“I don’t think I can do this.”

“Baby, I’m right here. We’re going to do this.”

Tears filled her eyes as she looked toward him. “I need some air.” Without waiting for him to follow, she walked outside the doctor’s office. She took several deep breaths while staring up at the sky. This was a hell of a lot harder than she’d anticipated.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Demon asked, stepping outside.

“Don’t you want to stay in in case we’re called?”

“No, we’ve got over twenty minutes until we’re called. I also told the receptionist we were going outside for some air.” He cupped her cheeks, and she looked up into his eyes. She loved him so damned much.

“You were right. This isn’t the right time for a baby or anything. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it wasn’t this. We shouldn’t be having a baby.”

“You’re not aborting our kid.”

“I know I’m not. Demon, I’m panicking, okay. I’d never do anything so crazy or stupid. God, this is awful. I’m awful person.”
“No, you’re not an awful person.”

“I always thought I’d have my mom around for this. I never thought I’d be doing this alone.”
“You’re not alone, baby. You’ve got me.”

“No, I don’t mean that. My mom was my rock. She was my whole world and even when life was complete shit with my dad, she was always there, happy.” Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. “I really wish you’d been able to meet her. She was the most amazing woman.”

He slammed his lips down on hers, sliding his tongue inside. She gasped, holding onto him. Her mother was once her rock whereas now, Demon was.

Demon rested his head against hers. “We’re going to be able to do this together. I never got the chance to meet your mother, but I know you. Knowing how strong you are, De, that’s all I need to know. Your mother was an amazing woman. She gave me you, and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’re going to be a wonderful mom.” He pressed his hand to her stomach. “This little guy, or girl,” he added when she raised her brow, “is going to be fucking lucky to have you in their life.”

“Do you promise?”

“Babe, I don’t need to promise anything; I know it’s going to be true. You’re not a bad person. This we can handle together.”

Taking a deep breath, she smiled up at him. “You know the right things to say to make me melt.”
“I’m the love of your life, De. If I didn’t know the right things to say, I should be fucking shot.” She burst out laughing. Demon opened the door and held his hand out. “Are you ready to go back inside?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

She walked back in, took her seat, and stared up at the clock. A pregnant woman smiled over at her. “It’s okay, love, we all get a little scared our first time.”

“How many children do you have?” Deanna asked.

With Demon by her side she wasn’t used to having women willing to talk to her. They tended to shy away from her as if she had some kind of biker’s disease. Damn hypocrites. All of them were, and Deanna would bet money that the women who sneered at her were green with envy on the inside.

“This is going to be my fifth child. I’m Patsy, by the way. I know some women here don’t like the whole biker thing, but I don’t care. I’m happy to make friends with a fellow, mommy to be.”

Patsy moved from her seat to sit beside Deanna. “My husband’s a lawyer, in case you’re ever interested.”

Deanna smiled, already loving Patsy. She had blonde hair that was pulled into a bun on top of her head. Heavy fake eyelashes decorated her eyes, and she wore a lot of makeup.

Before she knew what was happening, she was staring at photos of Patsy with her husband, Richard, along with all the kids. “You need to come by for a barbeque. My husband loves it when I rile my neighbors.”

She was called back, and she shook hands with Patsy before following the nurse down a long corridor.

“She was very, uhm, talkative,” Demon said.

“She was nice.” Deanna was going to get her number and have lunch. Amy and Eloise would love her.

The doctor was waiting for them. Sitting in the seat, Deanna answered the necessary questions before climbing up on the table. She’d worn a loose skirt, but they made her remove her skirt and panties so they could check to see how the baby was doing through an internal ultrasound.

Licking her lips, she watched as the doctor typed away on his keyboard before turning toward them.
Demon grabbed her hand.

“This isn’t going to hurt one bit. The gel will be a little cold, but there’s nothing we can do about that I’m afraid.” The doctor pulled the ultrasound closer to the bed. “So was this a planned pregnancy?”

“It’s a welcome one,” Demon said, leaning down to kiss her lips.

“That’s good to hear.” The doctor squeezed some gel onto her exposed stomach, before grabbing the little wand. Deanna closed her eyes for a second, unable to look at the screen. “Now, that is a nicely growing baby.”

Turning toward the screen, Deanna didn’t know what he was looking at. The screen was black with flecks of gray. Who allowed these devices to look at kids anyway?

“I don’t see it,” she said.

The doctor pressed down a little then pushed some buttons and the screen froze. “It’s the early couple of months, but that there is your little baby.” He pointed to the center of the screen. In a couple of months, we’ll do another ultrasound and you’ll get a clearer view of what your baby will look like.”

“We’re having a baby,” she said, whispering the words.

“Everyone suddenly realizes it’s all coming true once they see the screen. I know it starts out hard, but I promise you, it’s worth it.”
“How many kids do you have, Doc?” Demon asked.

“I’ve got seven kids, nine grandbabies, and I love them all. They’re a hoot but hard work. Without my wife, I wouldn’t have the family I have today.” The doctor wrote down a prescription explaining she was to take one daily, and for her to take it easy but to remember she was doing something that women for generations before her had done.

After leaving the exam room, Patsy was nowhere to be seen. Leaving the doctor’s office, Demon took them toward the diner. She was starving and they took a booth in the back.

“When do you want to tell the club?” Demon asked.

“I guess we can’t keep putting it off. It’s official now. I’m pregnant with our first baby.”

“We’ll go house hunting as well. I promise you, De, you’re not going to go without. You’ll have everything money can buy. I’ll employ the best doctors, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. I’ll take care of everything.”

Deanna picked up the menu and quickly scanned through the list. “I believe you. We need a house. I love the club, Demon, but raising a baby there isn’t right.”

“I agree. We’ve got time and I’ve got money to get us set up.” He touched her hands. Don’t worry about a thing.”

She took a deep breath. Nothing could go wrong. She had Demon in her life and he would take care of everything.


“A baby, huh?” Joker asked later that night while Demon took a sip of his drink. He’d told the whole club the moment they’d walked through the door and now they were celebrating. Amy had come to the club as well, and she stood near Deanna. His woman, unable to have a drink, drank her sparkling water.

“Yeah, a baby. Who would have thought it?”

“How did you handle it?” Joker smirked.

“When she first told me, I sucked. I mean, really bad. I shouted at her, in a way I blamed her. I didn’t take the news well.” He took another sip of his beer. Every second that passed, he loved the idea of being a dad even more.

“What about now? How are you feeling?”

“Amazing. It’s strange. The doctor did the ultrasound and I couldn’t see a fucking thing. Then bam, he pointed to this little dot in the center, and I just knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that baby is fucking mine. I put my kid inside Deanna.”

“It’s going to take a lot more to get rid of her now,” Joker said.

“I don’t care. I love my girl and I’m going to love having a kid with her.” He’d never thought about having a family before. The club had been his whole world. He hadn’t needed anything else. However, a child was starting to sound right.

“Your son or daughter is going to have a lot of uncles. What are you going to do if it’s a girl?” Joker was just full of the questions tonight.

“What do you mean what am I going to do?”

“Well, you’re a guy, in a guy’s world, and if it’s a girl, you’re going to know exactly what guys are thinking. Damn, I would hate to be in your shoes come prom night. I bet you’re going to have a beautiful girl as well, who all of the boys want to fuck—”

He silenced Joker from finishing his word by gripping his shoulder tightly. “I get your point and you’re going to keep your fucking mouth shut.”

“It’s food for thought.”

“I own a gun and I’ve got a club who’ll do everything to protect my little girl. I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Moving away from Joker before he put a bullet in the guy’s head, he walked toward Deanna. Wrapping his arms around her, he tugged her close to his side. “Hey, baby.” He kissed her neck before giving Amy a smile. “You might want to go and talk to your man before I kill him.”
Amy’s eyes went wide. “Why? What’s he done?”

“He’s saying some nasty shit about my baby girl and I don’t like it. It’s bad enough I’m going to live through it.”

“Well, maybe he can knock me up and you can torture him the same way.” Amy laughed before moving away.

“She’s coming out of her shell a lot more. You must be a good influence on her,” Demon said.

“I try. She’s learning to trust the club. It’s not always easy, but we’re doing it. She’s been through a lot.”

Her father had abused Amy for many years. He was one of the men Joker had happened to torture for hours before he killed him.

“What about you?” she asked. “How are you handling being a dad?”

“I’ve got some time to practice before my skills are called into question.” He rubbed his nose against her neck, loving the soft floral scent that radiated off her. “I need you, De.” Pulling her back against him, he wrapped his arms around her waist, feeling her body pressed against his.

He couldn’t wait to see her swollen with his kid. After one kid, he wondered how many more he could give her.

“You need me, then take me, Demon. No one is stopping us from taking what we want.”

She looked up at him. Her eyes twinkled with the glow of her pregnancy.

Taking hold of her hand, he started to work around the club, heading toward the stairs. He was so close to leaving when the music was cut off.

“Demon, Demon!”

He turned toward the guy calling his name. Glancing through the crowd, he saw Striker, red in the face.

From the look on Striker’s face, it was serious.

“What’s the matter, man?” Demon asked.

“It’s Shakes. He’s gone and taken Daniella with him.”

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