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BIKERS, BABIES, AND LEATHER: The Soldiers of Wrath Free Holiday Read

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The Little Things in Life

He was so small, like a little doll in her arms. She slowly rocked back and forth, feeling that warmth, that immediate affection, that instant connection to another soul, fill her so completely, she couldn’t even breathe.
This was what it meant to be a mother. To love someone so much, from that very first sight that everything else dimmed in comparison.
Deanna looked down at her son, at the dark hair that covered his little head and the way his little fingers wrapped around her thumb. He was so small and had fought hard for his life. It had been a month and a half since she’d gone into preterm labor. The end had looked so grim, her worry and fear, her devastation that she’d lose this perfect little person before she’d even gotten to meet him, had weighed so heavily on her.
But her little man had pulled through.
Ty Braxton, her little survivor, had as much strength as all the MC patches put together.
“You’re my little man, aren’t you? You’re so strong, defying all the odds,” she whispered. Rubbing her hand over his head, she gently stroked him, loving that he made a small noise of contentment.
Today, he’d be getting his feeding tube out, and she would try to nurse him. Pumping and feeding him with a bottle had given her connection, but she wanted to be able to hold him skin-to-skin and make him strong and healthy.
The deep, but low rumble of a voice down the hall had her lifting her head and looking at the receptionist desk. A smile covered her face involuntarily as she saw the man she loved, the biker that had been here with her through everything, take his name badge and access card, and head for the door. The door that separated them opened after he swiped the card, and then he was moving toward her, his big body dressed in leather and denim, his cut showing he was the President of the Soldiers of Wrath.
God, she loved that man so much it hurt.
He was so big and muscular, making everything and everyone pale in comparison. With his tattoos showing on his arms and neck, and his sunglasses peeking out from the front pocket of his cut, he looked like a badass ready to kick ass. But here, with the silence around them, in the peace and serenity of the NICU, Demon was someone different. He was gentle and sweet, caring and thoughtful. He now knew what it felt like to have something almost taken away, something so tiny, but loved so much, just ripped right from his arms with nothing he could do to stop it.
He took a seat beside her in the rocking chair, his focus right now Ty.
“How’s he doing today, baby?” Demon said softly and reached out to touch Ty. But right before he made contact, he curled his fingers into his palm and swore softly. “I need to wash my hands.”
She couldn’t help but smile. Watching him get up and walk over to the sink, Demon washed his hands three times before drying them and grabbing one of the yellow robes sitting on the counter. He donned the paper gown, covering his leather and denim, and walked back toward her. After he was in the chair again, he held out his arms. Deanna handed Ty to his father.
The love and pride she saw on his face took her breath away.
“Hey, little man,” Demon whispered, and leaned down to kiss their son on the forehead. To see such a big, strong biker being so gentle with their son had so much love filling Deanna.
“He opened his eyes for a little bit right when I arrived.”
The smile Demon had made her chest hurt, but in a good way.
“You smile for momma, little man?” Demon kissed Ty’s head again and looked over at her. “Come here, baby. Give me a kiss.”
She leaned forward and kissed the man she loved.
“He’s getting the feeding tube out today, right?”
She smiled and nodded, looking back down at Ty. “Yeah, the doctor said he’s doing better than they could have anticipated.”
“Well, he is our son, baby.”
She nodded, not able to argue with him, because he was right. He was their son, and once he was out of the hospital, he’d be surrounded by family that loved him.


One month later

Demon didn’t know if he believed in Christmas miracles, but hell, he was starting to get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside as he watched his old lady climb out of the SUV, a huge smile on her face as she stared down at Ty.
They’d finally been able to bring him home, and to say he was one proud poppa was a huge fucking understatement.
He watched as Deanna pulled the car seat from the back, said something softly to Ty, and turned to face him. Their son was awake, his eyes big, taking in the world. They were heading into the clubhouse where everyone would be spending the holiday season together. A massive dinner, family, friends, and having his son healthy and home made this even more incredible.
He looked down at Ty; his son’s little mouth making an “O” had Demon laughing.
“You ready to meet the rest of the family, little man?” He ran the tip of his finger over the bridge of Ty’s nose, pulled his old lady close, and together, the three of them went into the clubhouse to be with their family.


Bikers, Babies, and Leather

The moment they entered the clubhouse, the room erupted around them with cheers. Ty snuggled in close against her breast, and Demon stood behind her. Her son was finally home, and he was healthy; that was the main point. She and Demon had a healthy baby boy, and she loved him with her whole heart. Together with his daddy, they were her whole world.
Demon whistled, and silence fell on the room.
“Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Ty, my son.” She took the squirming baby, who made little baby noises, and placed him in Demon’s arms. Demon moved around the room, showing off his son.
She smiled, watching her husband and son together. There were a few moments in the past month when she’d thought she wasn’t going to get this chance.
“He’s finally home,” Amy said.
“He’s home.”
“Congratulations,” Zeke said, surprising her as he pulled her in for a hug. His daughter, Daniella, and Shakes were also at the clubhouse.
Everyone within the club they loved was there to see their son come home.
“Thank you, Zeke.”
Daniella was next, embracing her. “He’s finally home.”
For the next hour, she moved around the room, receiving hugs and love from the whole of the clubhouse. She followed Demon around the room, falling in love with him a little more as he held their son protectively in his arms.
This was home, this was love, and she wouldn’t change it for the world. The Christmas tree had been set up in the corner, and decorations coated every surface; tinsel and twinkling lights were everywhere.
Demon wrapped his arm around her waist, tugging her against him.
“I love you, Deanna.”
“I love you too, Demon.” She rested her head against his chest.
He talked with the men, and she just closed her eyes, basking in the joy of finally being home with her son, her family, and surrounded by love.
Later that night, she left Demon to mingle and party as she took Ty up to their private room. Her breasts were heavy with milk, and with him being premature, she wanted to give him every advantage she could. She also enjoyed the time she spent with him nursing at her breast.
She’d have walked on glass if she’d truly believed it would have helped her son come home healthy.
After changing his diaper, and his clothing, she settled in the bed, bunching the pillows behind her, and underneath her arm. He was screaming by the time she eased her shirt down and began feeding him.
“You scared the life out of me, little guy. You wanted to come early into the world, and we weren’t ready for you.” She stroked a finger down his nose, loving him so much already. “With you giving me this scare, you’re not going to be allowed to ride a bike, go out to play, or have a girlfriend.”
“Baby, he’s going to want to go out someday,” Demon said, closing the door.
She smiled up at her husband. “When he’s thirty. We can keep him until then.”
Demon removed his shoes and jacket, and then settled on the bed beside her. “He’s beautiful.”
“He is.”
“He’s going to be the only guy I see on your tit.”
Rolling her eyes, she slapped his shoulder. “Enough. You know it’s good for him.”
Demon reached over, stroking his son’s cheek. “He’s going to be the most spoiled kid in the club.”
“I can’t believe they were all here, even Zeke.”
“That bastard just likes to keep us on our toes.”
She shook her head. “Alessandria is taming him.”
“No one tames a monster.”
“I tamed you.”
“True. You tamed me enough for you and our kids. To everyone else, I am still a monster, and I’d kill without a second thought.”
“It’s nice to know you’d think twice about killing me.”
“I’d never hurt you, baby.”
She stared into Demon’s eyes to see they were filled with tears. “What’s the matter, baby?”
“I thought I’d lost you and him. You’re my family, Deanna. My very reason for living; you keep me fucking sane. Without either of you, I’d be the very monster that the world thinks I am.” He took her hand, his thumb moving over her wedding band. “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
“You know there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. This is my home, and I love you. You’re the love of my life, and I want more kids, Demon.”
“No!” Demon shook his head. “We’re not having any more kids. I can’t go through that again.”
“Tough. I’m going to make you go through it again. Ty’s going to need a brother or sister, or both. We want a big family. I want a big family. And we both know you love having sex.” Taking his lips, Deanna gripped his already erect cock. “You want me, baby.”
“I’ll always want you.”
Pulling away, she watched as her son finished feeding. Ty was going to grow to be a strong man, just like his father.
With him home in her arms, she was happier, and she could breathe easier, knowing he was surrounded by a family who loved him.

The End

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