The Drift (Preacher Brothers, 3)

I found myself at the wrong place at the wrong time. And because of that, I was now considered collateral damage to the Preacher Brothers.

So I was taken, thrown in the back of a dark SUV, with a bleeding, dying man draped over my lap, and my future uncertain. I didn’t expect to live at the end of this ordeal, not with everything I’d seen, not when I could identify them.

But despite my fear of what my future held, I couldn’t help but feel this connection to the man whose life hung by a thread.

Wilder Preacher.

He’s mysterious as much as he’s dangerous. He’s gorgeous in a severe, almost brutal manner. And although his brothers terrify me, I could see how much they loved him, as their worry for his life was thick.

I could see the lengths they’d go to not lose him, even if that included taking me as a hostage.

I’d never known that, never had that familial tie where I mattered that much to someone.And when Wilder woke up, I felt that connection increase until it threatened to consume me. He looked at me like I was the air he breathed, the blood that rushed through his veins. He told me he’d seen me as he was on the verge of dying, that it was my voice, my touch that made him want to stay.

He said I’m tethered to him now, his lifeline… that he won’t let me go.

I should run, should put all this behind me. And maybe I would… Or maybe I’d been drawn into Wilder’s dark eyes and deep voice until I have no control over my emotions and have no chance of leaving. It’s all so crazy, but then again, it’s not as insane as the fact that I don’t want to leave him now.



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