The Kingdom (Preacher Brothers, 1)

The Preacher Boys.

That’s what they called us.

Four brothers born and raised in the criminal lifestyle… in stealing.

Professional thieves. That’s what we were. And we were damn good at it. Take what we wanted with no regrets, no repercussions. We didn’t have attachments, no worries, and sure as hell no women to screw up the plan. And that’s what made our lives work.The job was set—should have been an in-and-out situation. Easy.

But then I saw her, Amelia, and she wasn’t part of the plan. I instantly wanted her, had to have her. She was like this drug, and I was desperately addicted.

I’d do anything, whatever it took to make her mine.

When her life was in danger, when it was Cullen, my own brother, about to hurt her, there was only one thing I could do.

Take her, keep her with me, and make her see she was meant to be mine.

But to Cullen, she was a liability. He wouldn’t stop, not when all he could see was making sure the family was safe, that the Preacher Boys were in the clear.

What he didn’t know was, family or not, Amelia was the one thing I’d always wanted, and I wouldn’t let anyone take her away from me.



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