The Wild

The Lycans, #6

Release Date: NOW LIVE!


The moment I found her, my fated mate—the only good and right thing in my dark, hollow life—she was taken from me by my enemies.

She was gone, ripped from my arms, a feeling more painful than if my heart had been torn from my chest.

I changed that day. I didn’t see myself as Odhran, loyal soldier to the king of the Scottish Lycans, any longer. I became scarred, emotionless… soulless.

And over the decades, I became stronger, more deadly. I turned into a killing machine, a warlord who took lives because mine had no meaning any longer.

I realized I became this male for a reason, a purpose. To take down the organization that stole and enslaved what was mine by right and fate. And I knew that because I found her. I found them.

They thought they could take her, keep my mate from me. They didn’t know I’d destroy them because of it.


Please note the TW/CW:

-Primal kink–Praise kink–Breeding kink–Biting/marking–Graphic sex scenes–Abduction/kidnapping (of heroine by secondary characters)–PTSD (of heroine)–Vulgar language–Assault/heavy trauma/abuse (of heroine by secondary characters)–Pregnancy –Violence–Gore/Blood depiction–On page murder–Age-gap–Anxiety/Anxiety Attacks (of heroine)–Body Dysmorphia (of heroine)–Forced separation of H and h–Captivity/confinement (of heroine by secondary characters)–Disappearance of loved one–Death (not of main characters)–Counseling/therapy–Grief–Virgin hero–Virgin heroine

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