The Lycans: Volume Four

Release Date: May 27, 2024

The Lycans Volume Four contains the following titles:


The Wild


The moment I found her, my fated mate—the only good and right thing in my dark, hollow life—she was taken from me by my enemies.

She was gone, ripped from my arms, a feeling more painful than if my heart had been torn from my chest.

I changed that day. I didn’t see myself as Odhran, loyal soldier to the king of the Scottish Lycans, any longer. I became scarred, emotionless… soulless.

And over the decades, I became stronger, more deadly. I turned into a killing machine, a warlord who took lives because mine had no meaning any longer.

I realized I became this male for a reason, a purpose. To take down the organization that stole and enslaved what was mine by right and fate. And I knew that because I found her. I found them.

They thought they could take her, keep my mate from me. They didn’t know I’d destroy them because of it.


The Fall


I was a ruthless monster. A right-hand enforcer to the most powerful sociopathic vampire in the world.

The only thing that mattered was satiating my bloodthirst for killing.

When it came time to take out the Assembly, a group of demented humans who used creatures of the Otherworld for their own sick entertainment, I was ready to litter the ground with their corpses.

And I did my job well.

But when I woke up in the middle of nowhere and realized I’d been thrust into another dimension, the idea of death was a sweet relief.

But then I was found by an unlikely ally. She saved me.

This tiny Fae female with pointed ears, tiny fangs, deep red hair, and freckles that made me hungry and thirsty and dying to see every part of her.

Ada. My mate.

It was an enemies-to-lovers start, where it was her and me against everything else in this dangerous new world.

And for the first time in my life I actually… wanted something for myself. I wanted to protect instead of kill.

I wanted to love instead of hate.

I just didn’t know if I could ever be anything but the villain of my own story.

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