The Heathen

Preacher Brothers, #2

Release Date: NOW LIVE!

Preacher Brothers. That’s what we were. A unit. The only family I had.

I’d never felt love, never felt like I belonged.

I buried what emotions I had lingering deep down, pushed them anyway until I was this stoic, apathetic machine. It’s how I survived, how I kept my brothers safe.

It’s how I showed them I cared, that I wasn’t a machine, a monster.

My history was one of violence, neglected by a parent who only wanted to train his sons to steal, to take from others.

It’s all we knew, so that’s how we continued to live long after the old man died and we were left to make our own lives.

Professional thieves.

That’s what I was, and I reveled in it.

I’d been such a recluse, taking care of my brothers as they grew up, making sure we had money, food to live. I never wanted or needed a woman… never even knew what it was like to touch, kiss… claim a female.

And that had been fine with me. Until now. Until she came into my life and refused to back down.


But I wasn’t a good man, and Kimber deserved better. And I knew one thing for certain… not making her mine would only guarantee my complete ruin.

She was my downfall in the best of ways.

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