The Good Side of Wrong

Blurred Lines

Release Date: Coming October 3, 2022

From USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow comes a new full-length standalone Hades and Persephone modern retelling that blurs the lines between right and wrong.

He was family, and I was now forced to live with him.

Hades was my uncle and now my guardian. I was his ward.

He was cruel in his desires. And I was too innocent for his depravity.

And when he wanted me to call him Daddy while he was between my legs… I found myself wanting that, too.

It was forbidden to be together. Some might even say taboo.

But I still found myself submitting and begging for more.


*official synopsis to follow*


Guardian/ward / Adoptive uncle / Age gap / Forbidden /taboo romance  / Dark romance / Spanking  / Daddy kink / Pussy spanking  / Slight degradation / Slight knife play / Attempted sexual assault of heroine (not by hero) / Violence  / Forced proximity by manipulation / Mention of breeding / Assault of heroine (not by hero) / Attempted SA of heroine (not by hero) / Abuse of hero as a child (by secondary characters) / Flashback of child abuse of hero (by secondary characters) / Murder on page / Assault on page (by hero to secondary character)

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