The Good Side of Wrong

Will be shipped after release date

From USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow comes a new full-length standalone Hades and Persephone modern reimagining that blurs the lines between right and wrong.

I’d lost everything after my parents passed away, but Hades was there, pen in hand, for me to sign my life away to him.

I could have refused, but then I’d be without a home. Without a support system, I’d be penniless.

So I said yes.

Hades was my guardian. I was his ward.

He was cruel. I was too innocent.

And the longer I was in his care, and the more I saw how cruel and cold he could be, the more… I wanted him.

It was wrong—forbidden—to be together, but the deeper I let Hades pull me into his underworld, the more I wanted him to corrupt me.